Duties of the Land Branch

  • Receiving of the application for  timber transportation/forward  the application with out short coming to the Divisional secretary and Obtain the approval and issuing the permit.
  • Send the part of tax from timber transportation to the Government and the other part send to the General forest conservation.
  • Preparation of Tsunami grand papers.

Documents required for the timber transportation

  1. 1. Application for the timber transportation
  2. 2. Copy of the Deed relevant to the land where the trees are situated.
  3. 3. Felling permit if the tree is Jak or Bread fruit.
  4. 4. If the owner sold it,to another  Person the receipt  of selling should be signed before  a justice of the peace.
  5. 5. The measuring unit relevant to the timber should be in meters and centimeters.
  6. 6. I do here by inform that if the timber of trees are more than two,arrangements are being taken to send to the forest range officer

Ingiriya and receive the recommendations.

Year of 2014

  • 326 Timber transport permit have been issued.
  • New 15 allotment of lands have been given.
  • 16 Tsunami grand papers  have been issued  684 A  -Mallamulla west ,Alubogawaththa land.

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